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Click on TMGE Productions my yahoo for updates on weather here in Jacksonville, new movie listings, the latest in news events, stock quotes, and other interesting tid bits.     

TMGE Productions is a network of musicians, studio engineers,computer programmers ,collaborating primarily for the purpose of music production.

We're looking for film producers, editors, film production assistants, professionals, students, hobbyists, enthusiasts involved in film production, music video production,documentaries and commercials to collaborate with TMGE Productions. If you have these skills contact us at We have the music for your project. For more information on TMGE Productions services see status.htm
Our latest project is available on CD, or download our MP3 formatted previews. East Coast Retrospective/TMGE is a compilation of the best original compositions from TMGE Productions. It is a combination of contemporary jazz compositions, R&B, and Pop instrumental. Check out Johnny Andrews and friends "Live Jazz!" also available on TMGE's JazzJukeBox!

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The Modern Groove Experience  

TMGE Productions 

Previous works from The Modern Groove Experience:

Pyramid Power c1996 

New Era c1997      

Origin c1998         

Where can you get re-released classic jazz albums on CD?

Check out JA's Music Store!


The Modern Groove Experience is Buddy Andrews

composer/arranger, Instrumentalist; C flute, Alto flute, Tenor,      

VFX/SD1 Ensoniq, and  Dave Beylard electric and acoustic guitarist.

                             In addition to our music check out

                             Johnny Andrews CD Store called:

               JA's Music Store           

                                  at The Jazz Workshop

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